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Living Easter


He Is Risen!

Is is Eastertide! Like Christmas, Christians get more than 1 day, we get 50! Now you’ve probably posted your slew of Easter pics on Facebook but now it’s time to live it!

I don’t have the margin to say much, this is an uber busy bit in the life and times of the Willits family but I wanted to share a couple links and encourage you to live your resurrection joy!

Here are a couple links to learn more about Eastertide and the Easter Octave. Two interesting aspect of the liturgical calendar that don’t get as much love as other parts.

From Dr. Mark Roberts over on Patheos, he usually has pretty solid and informative stuff.
Of course Wiki is also helpful. I haven’t read through it but i’m sure it’s informative.

I didn’t find a lot on the inter-webs about The Easter Octave. I’ve read a good bit about it over the past year and maybe I’ll post some more about it later, but essentially it includes Easter and the 7 days that follow; keep the party going! There is also a Christmas Octave.
Here is an article from Today’s Catholic News about it.
Wiki link that say a little but not much.



Live Resurrection!!!

Grace and peace





The “Fridays” of Life….


“On all the Fridays of our lives, when with Jesus we want to say, “God, where are you?” maybe He (Jesus) is just hanging there present and absent all at the same time, waiting for the subversion of your story and ultimately His story to be proclaimed. After all, Sunday isn’t far away.”

This is a little bit of a Good Friday reflection I gave awhile back. I put it in the Lenten Devotional I published and came across it today as I read and prepared for the current writing i’m doing. I needed to read it. Maybe you do to.
Resurrection & harrowing-of-hadesTrying not to let stress and stifles control my focus and joy.
It may feel like Friday but Sunday is coming.
(I think Tony Compolo has something to say about that as well.)

To read the rest of the reflection above pick up my Lent devotion for yourself and your community.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18th, 2015.
(If you are curious about Lent and what it’s all about check this out [ CRI Voice on Lent ] or just know this, Lent is all about getting your heart and mind ready for Easter, the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.)




Palm Sunday


To begin with celebration and adoration of Jesus, the “Hosanna in the highest!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” And then to swiftly move toward denial and distain, shouts of “crucify him.”

This is Palm Sunday. And this is Holy Week.
This is also our story. At least if your honest it is.

I once heard Peter Rollins, an author and theologian tell a story about being asked if he affirmed or denied in the resurrection of Jesus. His response was powerful. I actually found it on youtube, check it out…

It’s true right, we all deny the resurrection and we all, WAY to often yell with our lives “crucify him.” Often right after we have publicly ushered him in as savior, yelling “Hosanna.”

God forgive me and fill me with your grace and spirit so that i might die with you and to my selfish denial of you. By your grace enable me to not just affirm or believe in your resurrection but participate in it.

This is the journey of Holy Week. 
May we follow Jesus to the cross, so that we my participate in his resurrection.



.:: RESURRECTION :: Eastertide


Welcome to Eastertide…

Eastertide is the time between Easter Sunday and Pentecost. Pretty much it’s suppose to be a party. Every Sunday is Easter Sunday during this time. I like that idea!

Now, i just blogged for 47 days straight, this is 48 — definitely a record! So i DO NOT plan on blogging everyday throughout Eastertide but i will post some reflections here and there.

Here are a couple video’s to think about as you embrace the resurrection / our risen Lord!

[ this first video was made by a friend of mine, Jeremy Cowart. It’s some modern day iconography, maybe even digital iconography but i love it! So take a look and remember HE IS RISEN! ]

[ i posted this second video last year right after Easter because that’s when it was first released. Now think what you want about Rob Bell but this video is solid and i think, inspiring. And in my opinion lacks controversy, i think. Remember, HE IS RISEN! ]