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I had an amazing time at camp this past week! Our theme was RHYTHM and I look forward to sharing more about that with you! I had a few people at camp ask me about my blog… WHAT?!?!  I didn’t think anybody even read this thing. I’ve been trying to hit my blog once a week for the past few months. Don’t look back to far, you’ll see my failure!  But i’m gonna keep trying to hit this about once a week. Some times it will be more and sometime I might even miss a week (don’t give up on me — i’m giving you opportunity to practice Christian love, patience and persistence.)  😉

I’ll be blogging on ministry, music, life and other thoughts and pondering.
I have a couple writing projects that i’m working on and starting to work on. I’d love to run some of that by you!

Basically i’m always thinking, working and creating.
The more voices, the better the conversation! So let me know what you think.

The next few post will about about camp. And some of the things I shared there. Our these was RHYTHM. So much fun!!!

Stay tuned for the conversation! I’m loving it!!!



Olafur Arnalds // Music Monday 27.0


I resisted the Spotify trend for awhile. I like owning my music, having my playlists on my phone and everywhere else i want them. Have i ever illegally download music? I plead the 5th. But for some reason Spotify just didn’t interest me. But when i started working at a church and realized i didn’t want to or have the cash to buy all the music i would want to play there i embraced Spotify. And it has been glorious!

One of the things Spotify does is it lets you see what your friends are listening to. You can also share playlists, make radio stations and much more. (i’ll be interested to see how iTunes Radio competes). But a good friend of mine, my ex-roomate when i was living in Oceanside CA had been listening to this fellow Olafur Arnalds. So i took a gander… AMAZING!

Olafur is electronica, light on vocals but some great vocals non-the-less. It’s music you can throughly enjoy but also ignore when you want to, background kind of music!

It’s the kinda of music i like to put on when my headphones are in and i’m walking in a crowded area. The music slows everything down, makes you feel like you’re in a drippy hipster short film or something where everything is in slow motion and clarity is only a moment away. You know the movie scenes i’m talking about. 

Anyway, i love it and have been listening to it NON STOP for the last three weeks or so. You should check it out to.

He did an NPR live show which is REALLY cool! He plays his whole album For Now I Am Winter. If you’ve got some time watch / listen…

My favorite song on the album is reclaim…

And this is a cool live, low key show at SXSW in Austin…

And of course you can check him out on Spotify!



Good Tunes // Music Monday 25.0


Well i’m at a quarter century of Music Monday posts. VERY NICE!

So this week it’s not 1 artist… But many!

I’ve listened to “The Drop” on Relevant website before and have loved some of the live radio stuff they have done. And let’s face it, the Relevant crew it uber hip and always introducing good new tunes. It’s like their job (or at least part of it). So this re-release of their site called The Drop should be a pretty cool source of some good tunes.

The live studio recordings of All Son’s and Daughters was the first time i ever listened to The Drop, it was a while back and it was awesome! I love All Son’s and Daughters anyway but this live studio feel is amazing!

I’ve also enjoyed Audrey Assad. Some good, low-key, thoughtful worship tunes. A friend in Nashville turned me on to her and she has some music on The Drop. Worth a listen for sure!

I first heard Propaganda at a big youth conference, five thousand or so youth workers and Propaganda does his amazing spoken word / hip-hop gig and you can’t help but to be glued to his every word. From everything i hear he is legit. I mean check this video out and tell me you don’t like it (even if you’re not a rap fan).

They have tunes by The Welcome WagonThe Lighthouse and the Whaler (who i feature on this blog a couple weeks ago) and Sujan Steven. I mean seriously, some great tunes!

The scope isn’t as big at Spotify or Noisetrade or something like that but it’s much more focused, it’s free, and definately worth a book mark on your web brewers.





Ben Rector—Suburban prayers // Music Monday 20.0 [ tuesday edition ]


I’ve been listening to this song on repeat today,
a suburban prayer of sorts by Ben Rector…

“I want to live until i die
don’t let the devil bury me alive
when my heart stops let me go home
don’t let the suburbs kill my heart and soul.”

Along with thinking about Peter Rollings talking about how we all make “ironic gestures.”

So listening to this song while i sit at St. Starbuck with the queen of the suburbs, a very ironic gesture if you ask me. Thinking, praying and wondering  how i live a less ironic kind of life.





LENT — The Brilliance // Music Monday 19.0


On Mondays, every once in awhile I drop some music!
I cleverly call this “Music Monday’s” and well today is a Music Monday!

Over at I gave this Lenten album a shout out (specifically on this day if you car to see it).

The album is entitle LENT by a band called The Brilliance.
I don’t think they call themselves The Brilliance but they are conceded and think they are brilliant but probably more so because they are a “sort of” a Christian worship band and believe that God is brilliant, i would agree.  But would also say they too are brilliant, or at least this Lenten album they have produced is.

Here is a great song entitled Dust We Are and Shall Return, probably my favorite of the album and such a great Lenten tune! Enjoy…

Well i hope you will go onto iTunes or Amazon and pick up this album to accompany through your Lenten journey.
I might remind you, we are half way there. Half way to resurrection so hang in their and remember that God in Christ is present, even in the desert and He desires you more than you desire anything. And that is the most important thing.

Grace, peace and mercy




Bryan & Katie Torwalt // Music Monday 18.0


It’s been over a year (with the exception of a brief Lenten suggestion) since i’ve given a music monday recommendation. And since this monday is Halloween you might think i would suggest something like this or like this but that’s not what i’ve been listening to lately.

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 12.28.57 AMSomebody actually posted this album cover on instagram and i decided to take a listen, i’m glad i did. I’ve been listening to it all week. A few of the song are stellar the rest is solid. Make sure you listen to this one…


and happy music monday



Living in the tension…


Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 8.50.06 PM

Tension is a really interesting concept, right? Tension can produce beauty…
I’ve always been fascinated by bridges and tension bridges are some of the most amazing things ever. I mean look at this one, or just google them, AMAZING right!

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 8.34.43 PMAnd tension is KEY when it comes to composing beautiful music. Think of a guitar, a piano, a harp… all need to be dialed into a precise amount of tension to capture the right tone and tune. And not only do the instruments need tension, their tone and pitch play off of one another, often producing a tension in notes that produces amazing music! The wrong amount of tension, too much – too little and it’s just noise, maybe even out of tune noise.

Tension is good, beautiful, it produces the backdrop so that we can dance.

Tension can produce beautiful if we’ll let it. Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 8.37.02 PM

But as we know, if we put to much tension into the equation… SNAP!

To much tension and the guitar string snaps, the bridge collapses, or the relationship falls apart.

You see, every relationship your in also needs a healthy amount of tension. It can be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. It can be your community, your roommate, or your teammate. Relationships will not go deeper and further if some tension isn’t involved and embraced in your relationship. Tension can be the very thing we need to get us from here to there. Tension produces conversations that grow a relationship, tension creates points of decision where your either going to choose to love people, talk and maybe even fight it out with people you want to share life with or the tension just cause you to bail.

If you avoid tension your whole life you will never get anywhere, you will never make music and will never be apart of the dance. But if you embrace tension, learn to live in and deal with it when you need to, if we learn to hone tension to get us where we want to be as individuals and as communities, and if we find just the right amount of tension to embrace, just maybe we will hear the music and if we’re brave enough, maybe we’ll even dance.

I don’t know. I think i hear the tension but i probably am to scared to really embrace it. And if i were honest it feels like the tension is trying to rip me in two sometimes. It even seems like people all around me are crumbling under the tension and doing everything they can to just avoid it. I want to be the kind of person who lives faithfully and courageously, embracing the right kind and amount of tension so that i can participate in this dance that is life. But way to often i just feel like a jr. high boy, i kinda hear the music, i even like it a little – what i understand of it, i might even be bobbing my head a bit… but dance? HECK NO!

I feel like there is a lot of tension in my life these days. I will probably share some more about that in the days to come. For now, i’m just contemplating the idea of tension and wanting to live well in the TENSION.

Grace and peace



TEMPT // LENT D::13 – 2.0 music of the season


LENT MusicA buddy gave this CD to me and it provides some good music for our Lenten journey.
And you can get it for free on Noise Trade. WIN WIN!

And here is how to get it for yourself! ENJOY!!!



a top 5 // music monday 16.0 – .5


My top 5 recent records i’ve recently listened to.

It’s been awhile since i have done a music monday so instead of just giving you one album you should listen to i have decided to give you 5!

switchfoot_hh_albumart#1. Hello Hurricane :: Switchfoot
(ok, technically you can’t listen to you this until November 10, but that’s right around the corner and the second you can you should, GO GET IT!

My lovely wife reviews CD’s and interviews cool people and stuff like that. She recently interviewed John Forman, lead singer of Switchfoot, i was able to listen in! And we’ve been listening to their upcoming album for a month or so now, and i like it more every time i hear it, it’s really good! Probably the best rock album i listened to in awhile.

So yea, Go check it out November 10th! Or get on Youtube and listen to a few of the tunes now. It’s worth it. Here is the video for the 1st single they are pushing. Not my favorite song but it’s good.

kings-of-leon#2. Only by the Night :: Kings of Lion
Also an amazing rock album and a couple of the tunes are “rip your face off” good. I could listen to Be Somebody on repeat for most of a day i do believe. So good!
jay-z_blueprint3_cover#3. The Blueprint 3 :: Jay-Z
I have always been a huge Jay-Z fan, he’s probably my favorite rap fello. Common, Tribe Called Quest, and a few others are up there on my hip-hop / Rap list but Jaz-Z has always been tops. And on this, his newest album he doesn’t disappoint. You might want to get the edited version, or not, but it’s really stinking good! Creative, classic and star studded; a lot amazing cameo’s (Kanye, Pharell, Young Jeezy, Alica Keys, Rihana, etc.) So if your a fan you will love this one.
A need to breathe#4. Outsiders :: Need to Breathe
This one came out of nowhere for me. I don’t listen to a lot of CCM kind of stuff but this album was a pleasant surprise. It’s really good! Maybe you’ll understand this statement, this album doesn’t sound Christian. Many of the song could find themselves on pop / top 40 radion easily. It has a bit of the Mark Broussard, Gavin Degraw sound with a bit of their own feel. Bottom line it’s really good. Check it out!
A future of#5. Travel II :: Future of Forestry
This is more of the stuff i listen to everyday. It’s the chill, electronica, vibe music. Great lyrics to get into but a vibe that take you some place. I haven’t heard the other tunes they have put out recently (they are putting out a whole series of these Travel EP’s) but i am looking forward to hearing them because this one is great!
Notable mentions :: Pink Moon :: Nick Drake // 5 :: The Sailor Sequence // How He Loves Me :: The Glorious Unseen // Alive Again :: Matt Maher

Who knows, maybe i will feature one of these groups in the future but check em all out for sure!




Some interviews // Music Monday 14.0


Well i haven’t been keeping up with my music mondays, maybe i should change the name… “monthly music mondays” or something that helps me to feel better for only doing it not very often. 


It was GMA week here in Nashville last week, always good / crazy times!
GMA = Gospel Music Association in case you were wondering.

My buddy Jeff is starting a little Christian news website :: / check it out :: and he asked me to do some interviews so that he could post them on his website. 

Here are the groups i got to interview 
(in order of favorites :: I did 10 interviews)

 #1. Dreampilots
These guys were really rad! They come from Norway and have a real Christian U2 vibe going on. There music could be refined a bit i think but they’re pretty good. But more than anything they were awesome guys. Great attitudes and just a real sense of gratitude and authentic spirituality about them. I kinda wanted to hangout with these guys after the interview, they were just really cool. I really do wish them the best… SO go buy there CD and go to their concert when they tour over here in the fall!



#2. Stryper
Of course stryper has to be high on my list! These guys are OLD but their 80’s hair metal rock is coming back in for sure, why not take advantage. Only Oz was able to make the interview and when i asked him if they were bringing back the yellow striped leather he took the question WAY to serious and surprised me with a yes! But corrected me, it’s not leather, it’s spandex. hmmm…


#3. After Edmund
These guys were also really cool and i also really like their music. They were one of the few bands i had heard of before i interviewed them. These guys have lots of fun and put out quality tunes for sure! Check em out, they will be at all the major festivals this summer.  They also have a newer album out that is worth the listen. 




#4. Billy Buchanan
Billy was probably the funnest interview i did. Just a really chill, funny guy. And he told me i asked good questions. I like him!

#5. Jeff Chandler
Jeff was a really cool guy. He has 7, that’s right 7 kids. He’s a song writer and worship leader in the line of a Chris Tomlin. He has a album coming out in a couple months i think. Check it out.  

#6. Carried Away
This was a group in the CCM, Point of Grace vibe. They were nice kids but not really my kind of tunes, good stuff none the less. They tour a lot and just added a male vocalist to their group recently. Really good kids and seemed to have really great hearts for the ministry they are doing.  

#7. Devyn
Devyn is a 17 year old Christian Hanna Montana. I wanted to bring up the comparison in the interview but i didn’t want to offend her. She did say she has a very “disney vibe” and i would agree. She that young poppy disney kinda music. So if your a huge Hanna Montana fan like me, you will will love her. 😉

#8. Kevin LaVar
Kevin was a super nice black gospel, R&B singer. Really nice and had some great things to say. His music has placed him in some pretty awesome places to minister the gospel. He was up for a dove award for his music video  You Are Not Alone, check it out, it’s pretty good. 

#9. Manic Drive
I really enjoyed all my interviews but these last couple. i don’t want to dog on these guys – Manic Drive but i’m not a huge fan of their music and the lead singer… yea, he was a lead singer. Enough said. I interviewed them and that’s that. I’m sure lots of kids will love them and hopefully they have a heart to minister to these kids. I didn’t pick that up but i was only with them for 4 minutes. Check em out, maybe you will like them. 

#10. The Imperials
The Imperials are an old time group. They claim to have toured with Elvis Presley… OLD! I had never heard of them but i guess they are huge with the older folks. One of the guys from the group made sure we knew that they had won a bunch of dove awards and a couple grammy. They announced they are changing their name to Standing Still and are going to try and make a come back, reaching a broader audience. Interesting. I didn’t do much talking or question asking in the “interview” they did most of the talking for me. 

So that was my experience. Check out some of this music and enjoy!