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NASHVILLE #1 :: Exodus to Texas party…


This week is dedicated to Nashville! By Thursday my family and i will have loaded up a 16 foot Penske truck and by 8 in the am we will be making our way to Dallas, Texas—Plano to be precise. The move, like so many, is bittersweet. I am more than excited to get to Plano and dig in to ministry at Christ Church (my new church family). I’m giddy, excited, totally pumped! to get to know the middle school students and the adults that are currently leading them – all the crew that make up the group i will be getting to lead with and share life with. I can’t wait. And Texas is an adventure and i’m always up for an adventure!

But i am leaving Nashville—this is the bitter part of the deal. Nashville, more than any other place i’ve ever lived, feels like home. The other time i left i never stopped missing her, so finally i just came back. But now i leave again. I leave friends i absolutely love, a church that is amazing, and a city that has taught me a lot in the 7 years i lived here.

So in honor of Nashville i will be attempting to post my favorite things about her and my fondest memories while living with her.

Probably the #1 thing i will miss about Nashville are the friends i met here. I have a TON of friends in Nashville, some good, some fair weather, some i see often, some not so often, but all of whom i value and will miss a ton.

Some of my best friends in Nashville threw my family a little going away party or a little “Exodus to Texas” party.

Here is the proof (and to see all the pics check out our party facebook page).

Screen Shot 2011-09-25 at 11.01.36 PM

(if you click on this picture twice you can see it full size)

I love these people and will miss every one of them more than i even want to admit.

More Nashville-inspired blogging to come.



Merry Christmas from the Willits family!


Well i tried to send out an email to ALL OF YOU! My list was about 190 people long but i’ve already had about 50 of those emailS get shot back to me with some kind of failure and then a few others i had to delete cause i realized i had the wrong email address (old college emails or whatever). Bottom line, i need to update my gmail email list!

BUT – Andrea, Jack and i wanted ALL OF YOU to have this little Christmas card!
We made it with you in mind, hoping that each one of you will have a great Christmas and an amazing new year!


Christmas Card



Labor Day…


Well i actually labored on labor day. Many of you know  i work at the Cheesecake Factory part-time. It’s a good gig. They are super flexible, i hardly worked at all this summer and they were cool with it. Admittedly i’m ready to be done with the side gig but for not it’s perfect. I did have to work labor day however! Boooo… i know, know! But the perks were, #1. i met Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman. When i say meet them it was more like this; Nicole,  “Ummm. i was suppose to be getting a salad?”  Keith, “Yea, i got my food and she didn’t get hers. We thought it was weir they didn’t come out at the same time.” (is an amazing Australian acsent of course) Me, “Oh, so sorry about that. It would be on it’s way but i will double check for you.” As i was walking away the salad got their and kept us from becoming best buds. But we hung out non-the-less.  😉  #2. the dude from Orange County Chopper was in as well. We didn’t to hang out but it’s cool seeing a non-music semi-superstar. Other than that it was a crappy day to be stuck inside!

The real fun of was had on Sunday afternoon / evening. The fam and i met up with some friend at Arrington. It was amazing. I have posted a photo album of the day on Facebook and Flickr but thought i would share a few of them here as well because they are Aaaaa-mazing!

Here ya go!

flying babiesthe fam




All photography credit goes to the one and only Cody Springs (nick name… Well i can’t tell you)

Great day, with some great friends. I need it!

Until next time labor day. PEACE



baseball & business…


Well life feels busy these days, which is good but i am just getting hoping all the thing i want and pray for are going to start keeping me busy and not all this other crap.

I did manage to get to a baseball game on Saturday!
I’m a huge Chicago White Sox fan so i talked my budy barry into heading up to Cincinnati for the day with me and catching a Sox / Reds game.

It was awesome and we had AWESOME!!! seats!

PS :: i picked up the new iPhone friday when it came out! So below is a little video from the game . Pretty amazing that my phone took this video, at least i think it is.

TIP OF THE DAY :: if you have an old 3G iPhone put it on craigslist, TODAY!!! i put my old white 3G (16GB) phone on Craigslist for $225 and got about 40 emails that day! Sold it and then bought the new phone 16GB iPhone for $199.00 // $217.00 after tax.

So yea, i MADE $8 bucks or so by getting the new 3GS!
Amazing i know!

Here’s the video!




moving :: craziness :: staycation :: LIFE


Well it’s been a bit since i have seriously blogged. I could ramble off my many excuses but instead i will just share a few things that have been going on in my life over the last 3 weeks (my missing weeks)

WEEK #1 :: September 8th – 13thish

Really NOTHING! This was a slow depressing week to be honest. I hid out in my apartment and watching TV shows on DVD while my wife was at world. That’s my honest answer.

I did have a lunch engagement with Mark Oestreicher, the president of youth specialties on friday the 12th. We have a great lunch, talked about his black toe nail polish, my current ministry situation or lack of situation and life. It was a good lunch, Mark seems to be a pretty legit guy. I enjoyed our lunch and i hope some ministry partnership happen down the road. I say that not cause it’s “Youth Specialties” but because Mark was a cool guy.

And last but not least one of my best friends in the universe came for a visit with his pops. Rende and Rende Sr. A.K.A. Big R showed up in town! Big R stayed for the weekend and we had an amazing time! Some which i will choose to leave out of this report  😉 But it was a good time for sure!!!

WEEK #2 :: September 14th – 21st

I am calling this my STAYcation! instead of leaving on Vacation, i live in San Diego (for now) so i stayed and vacationed all the same. My buddy Rende stayed the entire week with me and we hit up the beach, we bummed around town, i even got him to ride some beach cruisers with me! Lot’s of food, lot”s of great conversations, and LOTS of Chill! I needed that!!!

My wife even left on Wednesday the 17th so for 5 days it was just the boys. GOOD TIMES!

I did however miss my wife greatly so on the 20th i dropped Rendizzle off in LA and then on the 21st i picked my lovely wife up from the Airport! It’s amazing to have her home!!! I even cleaned for her.

WEEK #3 :: NOW

We are living week number 3 and since we are moving on Monday, you heard right, Monday the 29th or the 30th we are leaving (i wish on a jet plane) in a Penske truck for Nashville TN. We have a share of preparing to do.

SO that’s my story!

LIFE is moving fast and getting sunnier every day!!!

Can’t wait to hit the sunny rolling hills of Nashville. i am missed her for years.



Music Monday 5.0 // Laurianne Cates


Well I was going to tell you all about Bon Iver today (his stuff is stellar, you should check him out) but then I ran across an old friend of mine, THE Laurianne Cates. She released an EP last month entitled Something Real and it’s for real! For really good that is.

Laurianne or LA as some people call her (I thought that was her real name for like a month when I lived in Nashville) is a great song writer and those skills shine on this little 5 song EP.

Everything Right is that song that when you hear the chorus you just can’t help but to sing along. I went to a show Laurianne did at Christopher’s Pizza in Nashville and I just remember when she hit that Chorus for the second time the whole place was singing along. It’s always cool when a song kinda sucks the entire crowd in and you can look around and everybody is singing. I think if I were a musician (I wish) that is how I would know I wrote a good tune.

And I remember sitting in her living room with a bunch of friends. She had just written the song Louder. I was asking some questions about song writing, being a wanna be song writer. I remember Laurianne being very gracious and grabbing her guitar, she started playing this song, explaining to me the build, the hook, the chorus structure and some of that other musician stuff. I remember it as a very cool experience from my Nashville days.

She kinda has the genes for this whole singer / songwriter thing. Her brother Chad, is also a song writer. He has written on tons of Christian stuff that you probably have heard. Bebo Norman, Casting Crown, and more. Chad was in my bible study in Nashville, I miss those days. Her brother Jesse is also a songwriter based in LA. He has written some tunes for the Back Street Boys and other stuff like that.
SO yea, it’s in the genes.

You can grab Laurianne’s EP on iTunes or on eMusic. Wherever you get it just make sure you get it. You’ll enjoy it, promise!

Here is her Myspace link, you can preview some of her tunes before you go BUY IT! And if you can somehow get ahold of her old EP, DO IT. It’s also really good. Songs like Anybody and my favorite, Back in June are really good as well.

Here is a link to an interview she did with her church. She answers some question about the music bizz and talks a bit about her heart. Good stuff!




A little art…


Well i will admit it, i am a wanna be! A wanna be artist / designer / photographer. I enjoy doing all of the above but really i just play around. I enjoy it but wish i was better at it all! Maybe some day. 

Well the other night i designed this little logo for my lovely wife! (it was my first logo)
She is pretty amazing but don’t take it from me, read her blog, it’s great! She is working on her resume these days and wanted to have a snazzy little logo to go with it. I made this for her…

I thought it turned out pretty solid! I wish the W in Willits looked cooler but there is only so much i can do with fonts. And without really know ANYTHING about photoshop. 

But if you need a writer with a stellar resume and fairly nice logo contact the lovely Andrea Bailey-Willits!
She is always wanting to do freelance and if you offered her the right job you might even be able to steel her from Outreach Magazine! 😉

// Some of my other art…

I designed the blog for Brad Goode. It’s probably the only thing i have ever been paid to design. And really Brad didn’t want to bother with the setup so he tossed 20 bucks at me and said go for it. But non the less it’s my design. 

I have also designed a ton of sermon background slides. I have some of them posted on my VIRB account. Check em’ out. They are all under the category “sermon art”.

You can also see some of my photography on my VIRB (the link above). But more of it can be seen on my flickr account. I am by NO means a real photographer. I have some friends who are (you should check out their sites: Jeremy Cowart, Sam Wells, Micah Kandros, Caleb Kuhl). These are all friends of mine who are real photographers, PROS! I just mess around. But it’s fun! 

Anyway, i think that is all the art i have for you. I actually have a website with some of my poetry on it as well (yes, i did say poetry). But i am not releasing that info at this time. It’s pretty poor and mildly embarrassing. 😉  maybe someday. 

Got any art you want to share? 
I would love to see it! 

Peace and art,





This is my favorite wedding picture of me and my guys. Such a great day! 








Well this post has a double meaning…  I am trying to figure out the best way to post STUFF (images, music, movies, etc.) on my blog.  So this is one experiment. And i thought i would post my favorite wedding picture while i was at it. 



Let's twitter…


(this is actually an old post but i love twitter so much i thought i would share it fresh — enjoy!)

I do this thing called twitter-ing but not enough people do it. It’s one of those deals, if it’s going to be any fun a lot people need to do it.

Here the jist of twitter

Twitter is a service for friends,family, and co–workers to communicate

and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to
one simple question: What are you doing?

Why? Because even basic updates are meaningful to family members, friends, or colleagues—especially when they’re timely.

  • Eating soup? Research shows that moms want to know.
  • Running late to a meeting? Your co–workers might find that useful.
  • Partying? Your friends may want to join you.

With Twitter, you can stay hyper–connected to your friends and
always know what they’re doing. Or, you can stop following them any
time. You can even set quiet times on Twitter so you’re not interrupted.

Twitter puts you in control and becomes a modern antidote to information overload.


That’s what the website says, here’s what i say. Twitter is a cool way to stay connected with friends and peoples you like while your not around them. Periodically they shoot a little text messages (via web / computer or phone) and periodically you do that same. Just letting people follow what’s going down, what your up to. It’s a fun way to stay connected and foster a small bit of community in spite of distance. Yea, it’s kinda a cool little deal.

SO… go to and set up your account. Find me, Erik Willits (my twitter nick name is edubs79) and click — follow. Then we will be friends and get to hear what going down from time to time. Good times!

Shalom & Twitts
// Erik



A few days with friends…


Greetings from sunny California.

I find myself loving parts of California and hating parts of California.
One part that I love is the weather… yea, it’s been about 70 degrees the last few days, now it did dip down to 60 today, horrible I know and yes, it is January here to.
Ummm… I like the weather. 

I hate my social life. Mainly because mine is non-existent. The bottom line is that I have found it really hard to connect with any sort of community since I have been out here. There are a lot of variables to my lack of community equation; culture, clicks, relationship(s), traveling and the list could go on. The fact is that I have felt pretty isolated with the exception of one or two friends and therefore I hate the lack I community I have experienced out here. 


But this week will be different. One of my best friends is in town for the week – Sr. Rende Langois. I’m pretty stoked about Rende and his buddy Karl being out here. We should have some good times experiencing some good Southern California life. I’m sure I will post some of our highlights.

1st up on the agenda Rubio’s Fish Tacos for Fish Taco Tuesday — .99 for the classic fish taco! YES! Followed by Saw IV, yes and yes!

What tomorrow might hold! We shall see.

For now, Peace