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A Christmas Blessing…


We shot this out in an email but I really liked it. Thought I would post it incase anyone wants to grab it for later.

Merry Christmas!




Greeting after a long road trip…


Well i have traveled half away around the world recently, from Carlsbad CA to Nashville TN. I did all this in a big rig. Well not that big, just a large moving truck towing my wife car and packed down with everything my my owns. I had a few things as well. 

But we have arrived in Nashville TN and we are now on a another mission :: Apartment hunting! Not the funnest mission i have ever had and so far (after a sold 2 days) not the most successful mission i have ever been on. Tomorrow is Monday and we are praying to the Lord in Heaven (yea, it’s pretty serious) that we will find an apartment tomorrow. 

Things wouldn’t be that as serious if we didn’t leave town on Tuesday for another 9 hr road trip to Wisconsin. I am officiating a wedding my wife is in the wedding. The apartment needs to be found soon!!! 

So that’s our story.
We are stoked to be back in Nashville and can’t wait to get setteled in!
There are A TON of great coffee shops in Nashville which means TONS of great blogging ahead.




Blogging from the beach…


I’m sitting on the beach today with my buddy Rende. He sleeping to my right and my head is filled with thoughts.

So I decided to blog. I don’t really have much to say. My brain is filled so full it’s hard to make room for any creative thoughts these days.

I will miss the Ocean.I am officially moving back to Nashville next month and I will miss the Ocean!



Productivity 2.0


I haven’t gotten any response to my first productivity post where I asked the question :: what is the key to being productive? BUT I think I might have idea to one of the many “keys” to productivity :: GOALS.

Honestly, I hate setting goals cause I know 73.57% of the time I am going to miss the mark or to state it a bit more palpably, I’m going to fail / fall on my face only to have this nice little goal standing above me taunting me and rubbing in the already sore feeling of failure.

With that said, I set a goal this week to spur on my productivity. My goal, watch less TV and read more. The actually goal is to read 500 pages this week. That’s a lot of reading for a week, at least for me. I typically read 100 – 200 pages a week. That’s probably a fair average but I lacked productivity in such a stellar way last week that I am trying to make up for it and push myself a bit. I’ll let you know how I do.

Once again :: share some of your keys to a productive life. I would love to hear.






I am going to start off this post with a question…

// What is the key to being productive?

Any ideas? This isn’t one of those posts where I am going to attempt to give you some insight, or share with you something I have or am learning… this is simply a question cause I need to know the trick, the key, the magic elixir to productivity. So if you got it do share!

Last week was probably the most non-productive week I have had in years! Maybe ever! I did nothing! There were lots of factors contributing to my lack of “production” but bla bla bla… the bottom line is this week WILL BE different.

I have already done more today (it’s about 2pm in California) than I did all of last week, we are on a roll!

Here’s to productivity!



Wanna play some football :: fantasy football


Me and some friends are playing fantasy football at ESPN. It’s called The Grid Iron Challenge and it’s set up a little different than you normal league.


You get a salary cap and can purchase whatever players you want as long as you stay under you cap.
(Here’s how they say it)
This game challenges you to build a roster consisting of 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, and 1 Team Defense, while staying under your team’s $50m salary cap.

It’s FREE to play.

Here is the link to our league.

Our group name is :: 3rd String Challenge

It’s free // Fun // and good times!!!




Don Miller // more politics


I don’t do politics a ton on this blog but “were are in the thick of it” as my grandma used to say. 
I am a HUGE Don Miller fan and just to go with the previous post i thought i would put up a few of his most recent political words :: a couple youtube videos and a few emails with the president.


instead of posting his emails i will just direct you toward his blog. This is some pretty hilarious banter between Don and Obama / the Obama mass marketing email campaign. Pretty funny!

You can read the emails at Donald Miller’s blog ::

let me know what you think about the pray, the conversation and the emails. 




Sunday @ Saddleback // Warren, McCain, & Obama…


Well I went to church on-line today! It is Sunday so I had to go to church this morning, right? But this Sunday morning was a little different. I decided to watch the Leadership and Compassion / Civil Forum, hosted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church (so I went to church).

This blog has entire forum setup to watch. It’s all youtube so it loads like butter and is easy to watch. You can find this video all over the place though.

Rick Warren asked the same questions to both candidates separately. I thought it was a pretty helpful format. I think it helps to get a feel for both candidates and helps to really hear what they each have to say on particular topics.

If you want a real side-by-side comparison check this out. It’s the transcript with the answers next to each other, pretty helpful to be able to read it this way.

For me, Obama said a lot of convincing things and carries himself way better than McCain… in my opinion. I probably agree with them both on some things but with neither of them on all things.

Politics :: Who knows!

That’s where i’m at. I really want to follow Jesus and still don’t feel like I have a good grasp on how the Jesus following Christian would interact in the world of politics. I think it’s way more complicated that most of us let it be. Or maybe I just make it to complicated. Who knows!

What do you think? 

I like the idea of voting for Jesus. I’m looking forward to reading Shane Claiborne’s book. I do understand that can be a trite escape from a real obligation. But maybe not.

Who are you getting behind these days? And why?

PS: I am going to REAL church tonight. A friend of mine is playing drums at North Coast Church, Carlsbad campus. Haven’t been there and I am looking forward to it!

Shalom (now that’s political !!!)



Jesus :: what are you doing?


“Jesus got into the boat, his disciples followed him. A windstorm arose on the sea, so great that the boat was being swamped by the waves, but he was asleep. And they went and woke him up, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” And he said to them, “ Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a dead calm. They were amazed, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?”


Is it not natural that in the middle of a storm, when the waves are crashing in and about to consume you, that you would cry out to the Lord? And more than just natural is that not a good response, to turn and cry out to the Lord?

Fairly recently I heard Rob Bell ask the question, “What do you think God is doing?” He went on to explain that your answer to that question will reflect your theology, your thinking and speaking about God.

I think that’s true.

So what do you think God is doing these days?
My life is currently in upheaval and when I hear that question, “What is God doing?” my honest response is, “Good question.”

The mental image that has come to my mind is that God is juggling a lot of balls or spinning a lot of plates. My plate is dwarfed in term of importance and seriousness of need and so I wonder if God has quite spinning my plate momentarily or has dropped my ball!

Simply; it feels like the waves are engulfing me!

I understand the poor theology of this mental picture. But these days I feel much more solidarity with the psalmist than I do with the disciples.

What do you think God is doing?



A little art…


Well i will admit it, i am a wanna be! A wanna be artist / designer / photographer. I enjoy doing all of the above but really i just play around. I enjoy it but wish i was better at it all! Maybe some day. 

Well the other night i designed this little logo for my lovely wife! (it was my first logo)
She is pretty amazing but don’t take it from me, read her blog, it’s great! She is working on her resume these days and wanted to have a snazzy little logo to go with it. I made this for her…

I thought it turned out pretty solid! I wish the W in Willits looked cooler but there is only so much i can do with fonts. And without really know ANYTHING about photoshop. 

But if you need a writer with a stellar resume and fairly nice logo contact the lovely Andrea Bailey-Willits!
She is always wanting to do freelance and if you offered her the right job you might even be able to steel her from Outreach Magazine! 😉

// Some of my other art…

I designed the blog for Brad Goode. It’s probably the only thing i have ever been paid to design. And really Brad didn’t want to bother with the setup so he tossed 20 bucks at me and said go for it. But non the less it’s my design. 

I have also designed a ton of sermon background slides. I have some of them posted on my VIRB account. Check em’ out. They are all under the category “sermon art”.

You can also see some of my photography on my VIRB (the link above). But more of it can be seen on my flickr account. I am by NO means a real photographer. I have some friends who are (you should check out their sites: Jeremy Cowart, Sam Wells, Micah Kandros, Caleb Kuhl). These are all friends of mine who are real photographers, PROS! I just mess around. But it’s fun! 

Anyway, i think that is all the art i have for you. I actually have a website with some of my poetry on it as well (yes, i did say poetry). But i am not releasing that info at this time. It’s pretty poor and mildly embarrassing. 😉  maybe someday. 

Got any art you want to share? 
I would love to see it! 

Peace and art,