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March Madness :: Everybody’s Favorite Time of Year


Well, it’s everybody’s Favorite Time of Year! MARCH MADNESS!!!

I’ll be playing in a few pools and will have a handful of different brackets filled out! LOVE IT!!!
Just made this little image to invite some Nashotah House folks to play along.

The theme for our league is: Canistriludium Ludus Canistri
Seemed fitting to include some fancy latin… now I just have to figure out what it means!  😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 2.22.46 PM










PS: My best translation of Canistriludium Ludus Canistri is Basketball, The Sport.
I kinda made it up… Clever right!
Or Something.

Enjoy your March!



Go Vikings!!!


if you know me you know I’m a pretty huge Vikings fan.

Well the Vikings are about to play in the NFC championship game, 1 game from the superbowl!

last time the Vikings made it this far I was a freshman in college. I remember it vividly, our kicker, who hadn’t missed a kick in 2 seasons missed a kick and we lost to the falcons. my friends thought it would be funny to run down the hall and taunt me (I was watching the game by myself // intense) well that was a bad idea, as they opened my dorm room door I turned and threw a Vikings Alarm clock helmet at them, as it shattered agaist the wall, quiet fell upon the dorm room and I was left alone for the next week.

we are hoping for a different ending this time around!




Football :: Fantasy and beyond!


superbowl-trophyWell i love me some football! And i really love me some fantasy football but admittedly i don’t often do well. I have set up a league the last 3 years and this was the first year that i made it to the league super bowl, and I would like to announce, I WON! I am the 2009 fantasy super bowl champion!!! In the championship game I beat Thomas McKenzie (convincingly i might add) who had named him team, “Nashville Throne of Blood” (hilarious).

This was my year!

I also played in 2 other leagues. I did ok in one and in the other, a salary camp league, I also won it all. And it wasn’t even close. I actually was in the top 2% of all the people world to play in this ESPN league. Pretty stoked about that.

So yea, it was a successful fantasy year. I look forward to the next!

BUT before that, we have the Minnesota Vikings.
For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Vikings fan.

GO Farve! GO VIKES!!!



baseball & business…


Well life feels busy these days, which is good but i am just getting hoping all the thing i want and pray for are going to start keeping me busy and not all this other crap.

I did manage to get to a baseball game on Saturday!
I’m a huge Chicago White Sox fan so i talked my budy barry into heading up to Cincinnati for the day with me and catching a Sox / Reds game.

It was awesome and we had AWESOME!!! seats!

PS :: i picked up the new iPhone friday when it came out! So below is a little video from the game . Pretty amazing that my phone took this video, at least i think it is.

TIP OF THE DAY :: if you have an old 3G iPhone put it on craigslist, TODAY!!! i put my old white 3G (16GB) phone on Craigslist for $225 and got about 40 emails that day! Sold it and then bought the new phone 16GB iPhone for $199.00 // $217.00 after tax.

So yea, i MADE $8 bucks or so by getting the new 3GS!
Amazing i know!

Here’s the video!






I love the NFL draft [period] LOVE IT! 

My team is the Minnesota Vikings and here is there #1 draft pick :: Percy Harvin! 

John Gruden even says that the Vikings are close to being a superbowl contender! That’s what i’m talking about!!! 

Round #2. Phil Loadhold :: 6’8″ 340 — HE”S HUGE!

Suberbowl here we come! 




IU :: the best sports story i read in awhile!


If you know me well you probably know i’m a pretty big Indiana Hoosiers fan. I am actually wearing my IU hoodie as i type!

Everybody asks me why and the short story is that a kid from my high school (Jamal Meeks) played at IU during the Bobby Knight era and i have never looked back.

Well this year has been a tough year for a true.
But also kinda of an exciting year.
Despite have the worst record in the Big Ten and the worst IU record in 95 years the team has been super inspirational.
Just about everybody is a walk-on and even the team manager got some playing time! AND Tom Crean is the couch! Exciting times!

An amazing story!

And Gene Wojciechowski, a columnist for ESPN wrote a GREAT article about the team today and there trying season. (READ IT) and there’s a video interview with the team manager / player at the top of the article. Worth watching.

There’s always next year.
Most fans just say that but IU fans can really look forward to it. Crean has recruited one of the top classes in the nation, 6 ESPN top 100 players are on there way to IU. And that’s just the start!

IU will return!