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David Vandervelde // Music Monday 28.0


I thought about trying to come up with some more good tunes to share and i could but honestly i’m listening to Olafur Arnalds on repeat. So good! Have you listened yet?

So instead of new tunes i thought i would post this little video that i came across a few weeks ago. I had a note to blog about it… so here goes.

I was sitting in a little coffee shop in town and a song came on the radio as i walked in. It was a track from one of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos, i noticed and asked the barista what radio station or CD she was playing. She went into the back room and gave me the name of the artist, David Vandervelde. This is the fellow who is playing the piano on the Rhythm video that Rob did. Great little ambient tune, i immediately recognized it and began to do a little google action on the fellow singing.

I found some decent music, i found the track from the Nooma – Rhythm video ( Moonlight is the name of the track ) and i found this little video he recorded at SXSW. It was interesting to me and a great conversation piece or Christians i thought.

“We’re kinda seriously writing for Christian songs now. You can make a butt ton, a *&$% TON of money.” “We’re not about making money off Christian music we’re about praising the Lord.” (WARNING :: A high level of sarcasm is used, if you’re allergic don’t watch. There is also a few four letter words. You’ve been warned.)

So i’ll follow that quote by saying i really do think there is a place in the church cynicism. We (Christians) have deserved some skeptical eyes being shined on us, especially in the music industry.
I thought this little video was funny. The song could TOTALLY be a CCM hit! And the questions of this guys spiritual leaning is intriguing to me, after all he was in a spiritually charged short film!

Any thoughts?

I’ll be honest. I kind of like it. I think there needs to be more cynicism given (in healthy, small doses). Christians need to hear what people are saying and joking about and take it seriously. We need to own up to the fake persona many of us professional Christian have dished out over the years. And we need to start paving paths of honesty and generosity instead of simply reacting and being pissed about a video and cynicism like this.

Those are my thoughts.

Oh and also thought… man, i need to write a Christian song! I could use a butt ton of money!!!   ;-)



Olafur Arnalds // Music Monday 27.0


I resisted the Spotify trend for awhile. I like owning my music, having my playlists on my phone and everywhere else i want them. Have i ever illegally download music? I plead the 5th. But for some reason Spotify just didn’t interest me. But when i started working at a church and realized i didn’t want to or have the cash to buy all the music i would want to play there i embraced Spotify. And it has been glorious!

One of the things Spotify does is it lets you see what your friends are listening to. You can also share playlists, make radio stations and much more. (i’ll be interested to see how iTunes Radio competes). But a good friend of mine, my ex-roomate when i was living in Oceanside CA had been listening to this fellow Olafur Arnalds. So i took a gander… AMAZING!

Olafur is electronica, light on vocals but some great vocals non-the-less. It’s music you can throughly enjoy but also ignore when you want to, background kind of music!

It’s the kinda of music i like to put on when my headphones are in and i’m walking in a crowded area. The music slows everything down, makes you feel like you’re in a drippy hipster short film or something where everything is in slow motion and clarity is only a moment away. You know the movie scenes i’m talking about. 

Anyway, i love it and have been listening to it NON STOP for the last three weeks or so. You should check it out to.

He did an NPR live show which is REALLY cool! He plays his whole album For Now I Am Winter. If you’ve got some time watch / listen…

My favorite song on the album is reclaim…

And this is a cool live, low key show at SXSW in Austin…

And of course you can check him out on Spotify!





A friend of mine from back in my Nashville days is releasing a new album tomorrow, Heatwave. Matt is a great dude and has some great tunes so I’m sure the album is going to be great. But  the thing i’ve loved so far about this upcoming project is the promo action he’s been doing. Hilarious!

Here is the promo to the album, a 60 second little video… classic.

As you can see, he’s going with 80′s theme! I love it.

Here is the first single. Good song, funny video!

Matt has a ton of great video on youtube. Look around and enjoy!



Good Tunes // Music Monday 25.0


Well i’m at a quarter century of Music Monday posts. VERY NICE!

So this week it’s not 1 artist… But many!

I’ve listened to “The Drop” on Relevant website before and have loved some of the live radio stuff they have done. And let’s face it, the Relevant crew it uber hip and always introducing good new tunes. It’s like their job (or at least part of it). So this re-release of their site called The Drop should be a pretty cool source of some good tunes.

The live studio recordings of All Son’s and Daughters was the first time i ever listened to The Drop, it was a while back and it was awesome! I love All Son’s and Daughters anyway but this live studio feel is amazing!

I’ve also enjoyed Audrey Assad. Some good, low-key, thoughtful worship tunes. A friend in Nashville turned me on to her and she has some music on The Drop. Worth a listen for sure!

I first heard Propaganda at a big youth conference, five thousand or so youth workers and Propaganda does his amazing spoken word / hip-hop gig and you can’t help but to be glued to his every word. From everything i hear he is legit. I mean check this video out and tell me you don’t like it (even if you’re not a rap fan).

They have tunes by The Welcome WagonThe Lighthouse and the Whaler (who i feature on this blog a couple weeks ago) and Sujan Steven. I mean seriously, some great tunes!

The scope isn’t as big at Spotify or Noisetrade or something like that but it’s much more focused, it’s free, and definately worth a book mark on your web brewers.





Mike Mains and the Branches // MUSIC MONDAY 24.0


These guys and gals have some great tunes! And they are doing something over the next few weeks that they are affectionately calling “Music Mondays”  (dang it, i knew i should have copy righted that action ;-)   But anyway, check em’ out! The video i posted of their song Stero is probably my favorite.

And i think you might even be able to get some free tunes from them on Noisetrade!

I’ll admit, the album of theirs that i got off of Noisetrade wasn’t my favorite. Some good tunes and some not so good. But they are solid, fun and definately worth the listen. So check em’ out! Mike Maines and the Branches







The tunes for today come from a band i recently ran across named GOLDEN YOUTH!

Notw i’m trying to blog more these days, at least once a week to be precise but have failed these past 2 weeks. I was at camp this past week, which i will write about at some point. I also was on dead line from my publisher the week before that and had some CRAZY action go down there. But i’m back.

And it’s Monday, so i thought i would share some music!

Golden Youth are very much in line with the kind of tunes i’ve been listening to lately. I don’t like them quite as much at Light House and the Whaler but there in that vein and i think you might enjoy them. They have great energy, good tunes, and some thoughtful lyrics.

You can get a few free cover song they have done on their website  and then head over to Amazon or iTunes to grab their album.

Here is a video of theirs that i really like. They have a few, Youtube them…

And here is the Album artwork for their album… i like it.




The Lighthouse and the Whaler // Music Monday 23.0


I haven’t been very consistent with my Music Monday posts and i make no promises but here’s Music Monday 23.0 anyway.

The Band is The Lighthouse and the Whaler and man i am really digging their tunes. I know they aren’t new, you’ve probably been listening to them much longer than i have but right now… they are on repeat!

Here is my favorite of their tunes… so good!

And another thing i LOVE about this band is their album artwork. For me it catches my eyes and makes me want to participate in whatever it is that they are doing! LOVE IT!

Check these guys out for sure! If we have similar tastes in music you will really enjoy them, if you haven’t already been listening to them for years! For me, they are new on the playlist but i’m lovin it!

And since i haven’t done Music Monday’s in awhile i looked back over some of the bands that i’ve feature in the past. Good tunes! I think i need to listen to music more! So much good stuff out there. So check out some of these bands and if you want a quick laugh read about my music dreams! I read this post (which i had forgotten all about) and had a pretty good laugh myself!  But enjoy good music! It’s good for your heart and your imagination… 2 things we don’t value enough these days.

Monster Calling Home (now called Run River North)
Griffin House
Ben Rector
The Brillance
Bon Iver
Josh Rouse
John Foreman
William Fitzsimmons




Monsters Calling Home // Music Monday 22.0


A buddy of mine… actually a student who graduated from the student ministry of my church and is now down in Austin going to school (which makes me jealous every time i think about it)… anyway, he posted this video on my facebook today :: The band is —  Monsters Calling Home — check it…

So I LOVED this song and the video. And i have been googling and listening and telling my friends about these guys and gals for rest of the day. I thought good way to give them the proper love they deserve was to drop a Music Monday post here on my blog. After all it is Monday!

The band a ton of rad video’s but this next one got them a little recognition apparently. They made it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show because the right person saw the video and like it. I like it to. So will you! Here’s the article… and even better, here’s the video….

And here is the video of their Jimmy Kimmel experience. SO RAD!

So yea, give these guys some love. Go buy their tunes, watch their videos, and tell your friends. That’s what i’m doing.

Grace and Peace



Brett Younker // Music Monday 21.0


I went to camp with my youth group (well i only went for 2 days, my daughter was about a week old and i didn’t want to be gone for a week) but the time i spent at camp had a few highlights, one was the worship band…

Brett Younker

Now it’s totally not fair, some places just hord tallent, Louie Giglio and his church Passion City are one of those places. Now this isn’t a serious beef, i’m just a little jealous.  Brett and his band lead worship for the student ministry at Passion City. Totally not fair! But true.

When i returned from camp i immediately purchases a couple of the Brett Younker CD’s and was not disappointed. Overall the album Come To The Water is solid but there are a couple songs that i really like…

The title track Come to the Water is one of them.
(listen to the album version, the video above is the acoustic version but it’s great song!)

Not Ashamed —  God Is Able — Holy Mystery
Are a few of my favorites.
Check em’ out!

And here is a pic of my daughter i mentioned… she is pretty awesome!



Ben Rector—Suburban prayers // Music Monday 20.0 [ tuesday edition ]


I’ve been listening to this song on repeat today,
a suburban prayer of sorts by Ben Rector…

“I want to live until i die
don’t let the devil bury me alive
when my heart stops let me go home
don’t let the suburbs kill my heart and soul.”

Along with thinking about Peter Rollings talking about how we all make “ironic gestures.”

So listening to this song while i sit at St. Starbuck with the queen of the suburbs, a very ironic gesture if you ask me. Thinking, praying and wondering  how i live a less ironic kind of life.