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I’ve been a Celtics fan for a long time. Here’s how it all started…

As a youngster I began to play basketball on the blacktop at gym and then in leagues at the YMCA. My mom was dating a guy one time, Wayne. Wayne gave me a basketball as a gift, probably trying to get on the good side of my mother but it worked for me, I LOVED that basketball! Until one day in blew in my 6th grade classroom, yes, it blew up. And when I say “blew up” I really mean blew up. As my teacher, a balding, over weight white guy was teaching, the class experienced what could have been a gunshot it was so loud. Other teachers ran into our room, students jumped out of their seats, and most memorably my teacher, the overweight, balding, white guy jumped about 5 feet in the air, pretty impressive for a fat man! And that was the end of my basketball; with a “bang” it all came to an end. Well in Jr. high I began to get really serious about basketball, playing on the school team and even dribbling my basketball (a cheap Wal-Mart ball) to and from school everyday. I did this because I heard Magic Johnson did it (to school right handed from school left hand, I figured he was good and if I did what he did I would, maybe, be good as well). It was around this time that I began to shoot the basketball around with my uncle. My uncle had a basketball that we would always play with. There was a name on that ball, the name was Larry Bird. I found out Larry Bird played for the Boston Celtics and I have never looked back. In the good and in the bad (like last year) I have been a Boston Celtics fan. Well this year it’s all paying off. I am watching game number two of the NBA finals at my sisters house and we (the Celtics and I) are killing the Lakers. I love it!!!


(PS: this is a back dated post. I understand we lost Tuesday but we’re still up 2 games to 1. GO CELTICS!!!)