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Motorcycle Diaries & the Revolution…


Motorcyclediaries_usI just watched the movie Motorcycle Diaries. It’s an inspiring tale for many reason. First it inspires the individual to travel, to jump on a bike and see the world, how incredible would that be. It doesn’t take much to inspire me to travel but this story stirred me and my insatiable desire to travel like no other.

This movie is also inspiring because you are seeing the birth of a revolutionary. I don’t know much about Ernesto “Che” Guevara or his thoughts and ideals. I have some idea what they would amount to but the inspiring thing is that in this film, which is the story one a young mans life and journey, you see the perfectly how a revolutionary is born. I have always said that a revolutionary is someone who stands up in the middle of their circumstance, sees the injustice in the word, sees the path or the direction their contemporaries are going and something deep in there being says, “this is not right, something is wrong with this picture, I will go a different direction.” You see that very thing happening in this film, inspiring!

My hope is that Jesus would stir our hearts for justice, give us eyes to see indifference and ears to hear the cries of those in need. My prayer is that the spirit of Jesus would be that thing that stirs us and leads us to think, “something is wrong with this picture,” and then I pray that we would follow him in his revolution. It’s a revolutionary of love and peace, of justice and sacrifice but it is a REAL REVOLUTION, one that has lasted for thousands of year and is only gaining momentum. Will we follow Jesus…

Acts 5:33-39

Aspiring Revolutionary Follower Of Jesus Christ

Here is a quote from the movie, I believe it to be profound…
"Let the world change you… And you can change the world."