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Slightly overwhelmed…


Well I am slightly overwhelmed these days. Most people tell me that my dreaming and opportunistic spirit is a good thing but sometimes I am not so sure. I am very ambitious but sometimes lack the follow through with everything. I hate that about myself! I can dream big dreams, plan profound plans, even think large thoughts but seeing any of these great things to completion… yea, sometimes I have troubles with that.

If feels like am in the middle of a billion things right now and just need to breath and rest in the Lord, stop doing and just be! I am sure I am not the only one with these feelings. Feeling that every thing I am doing is just another wooden post leaning against each other to make my tepee / house thing and sooner or later my house, my tepee (I always wanted to be an Indian) is going to collapse in on itself. To much going on…

So yea, I am slightly overwhelmed. 

A new logo being done, a website in the making ? and everything that goes with those things, I hate decisions. Ministry, writing my first book, study, summer plans, financial issues, getting ready to be in 2 weddings this summer, relationships — good ones and failing ones. Family issues (my mother is moving, moving is never fun is case you were wondering).

Anyway, the list could go on but we all probably have our issues and our lists! If you think about it pray for me, lots going down these days. I have this sense that these are very pivotal days in my life and in my ministry. I need prayer and the I NEED more than anything the Spirits guidance!